"Dr. Diaz has administered effective therapies reducing significantly or eliminating long standing pain and improving my quality of life."

Thomas G

"Dr. Diaz has helped me greatly with issues such as chronic sciatica among others. He is both professional and personable and I highly recommend him to anyone."

~ Tim T

"I have been a patient of Dr. Diaz for two years and I am very pleased with my care. I have seen improvement in my overall health especially in regards to the neck and lower back pain I have suffered with for many years. I do highly recommend Dr. Diaz."

~ Ruth G.

"Dr. Diaz is extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate his level of expertise as apposed to other chiropractors I have visited."

~ Jordan D.

"Dr. Diaz has moved to 486 n. State Street , Ukiah. He is the most skilled chiropractor I have ever been to. In addition, his fees are very reasonable, and he takes Medicare. I have been treated by him for over a year with excellent results for my persistent lower back pain and neck and shoulder pain. I do not hesitate to recommend him to all my friends. In fact, many of my friends get their therapy from him. He is great!!"

~ Midge M.

"In March 2013 I suffered from a serious sports injury to my lower back that landed me in the emergency room. I could not walk or stand up straight because the pain was so intense and the muscles were so inflamed. The Doctors at the hospital told me it was just a pulled muscle and prescribed me some pain meds. I requested an xray of my back and the Doctor at the hospital told me it was not necessary. I knew that my back problem was much worse than a pulled muscle yet they did not believe me and just said to get some rest and take the pain meds.

After leaving the emergency room, feeling frustrated and in immense pain, I went to Dr. Diaz to see if a chiropractic adjustment would help my condition. Dr. Diaz saw me that day and realized that my problem was more serious than what the hospital Doctors believed it to be. He highly recommended that I receive x-rays so he could properly diagnose my problem. The x-rays were finished that same day and Dr. Diaz realized that I had a lower vertebrae that was out of place and moving in the wrong direction. He realized that this was a condition called retrolisthesis, where my lower vertebrae was displaced and moving backwards. He told me it was treatable and that he could help me with the pain.

Dr. Diaz than went on to adjust my hips and lower back which greatly relieved a lot of the pain I was feeling. I was able to stand up straight after the adjustment and was able to get home and in bed. Since the accident in March I have been coming to Dr. Diaz once a week for an adjustment to help with my condition. Since then, my lower back is so much better and much stronger.

Dr. Diaz is a very knowledgeable chiropractor. He genuinely cares about his patients and actually listens to what you say. I have been to numerous chiropractors over the years and Dr. Diaz is by far the most gentlest and effective chiropractor I have seen yet. I always look forward to my weekly adjustment because I always feel so much better after my hips, back and neck are adjusted back into place. I highly recommend Dr. Diaz to anyone who needs chiropractic care. He has helped me recover from my accident and has kept my body healthy and in good shape ever since."

~ Danielle B.